Programs for Our Students

If you are interested in joining LUCK for our student programming, please visit our Students page. Thank you for your interest!

Please note that we offer free transportation for each event. Event dates will be added as they become available. Locations are subject to change.

2021 Programming

June: Spirit Untamed Movie Premier; Skill Building, Newbury, OH

July: Introduction to Horsemanship, Wellington, OH; Riding Fundamentals, Newbury, OH

August: Riding Fundamentals, Newbury, OH

September: Introduction to Horsemanship, Wellington, OH, Riding Fundamentals, Newbury, OH

October: Riding Fundamentals, Newbury, OH; Vertical Raise Fundraiser (begins Oct. 11); Introduction to Horsemanship, Wellington, OH (Ideastream Grant Programming)

November: Riding Fundamentals & Skill Building, Newbury, OH

December: Holiday event