Urban Equestrian Program

Works against community trauma

  • Controlling stress during the teen years is important. Not only is it a critical time for brain development but high stress during adolescence also has been linked to mental health and behavioral problems.

Importance of year-round activities

  • Trauma reducing after-school and summer activities provide safe spaces for children to learn conflict resolution and important social-emotional skills

Consent decree by Department of Justice

  • LUCK programming satisfies the youth component of DoJ decree while students work directly with officers

Economic impact

  • Students make social and career based connections, as well as learning trade skills and creating valuable character traits.

Established Urban Equestrian Programs:

  • Compton Jr. Posse, Los Angeles, CA
  • City Ranch Inc., Baltimore, MD
  • Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, Philadelphia, PA
  • Detroit Horsepower, Detroit, MI
  • More!

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