LUCK’s goal is to positively contribute to the development of Cleveland’s youth through equine activities. LUCK envisions a generation of empowered, educated, and self-motivated young adults who demonstrate empathy, critical thinking, and commitment to personal growth. Interaction with horses and adult mentors connects students with trauma-reducing opportunities to enhance coping and communication skills, understand natural consequences and focus on accountability, and build on critical thinking, planning and problem-solving skills that enable participants to become confident, capable, healthy and engaged citizens.

Founded on the following premises in 2016, LUCK first provides marginalized youth access to equestrian sports as a mitigation for trauma. Second, LUCK provides social capital by providing opportunities for participants to meet and forge relationships with influential people in the city. In fact, LUCK participants have been hired by trainers, apprenticed in trades of the equestrian industry, explored interests in becoming mounted police, been trained to handle horses on the ground, and shown successfully in A-rated horse shows. Third, LUCK engages participants and mounted police officers to interact using horses as a bridge to communication. We have engaged Cleveland youth 350 times in such activities.